June is right here!

Hi girls! Today's June 1st! So... It's our Grand Opening at Scrap TakeOut! Visit out store (this week is FULL specials sales (and freebies too!). Let's start... My complete store is 30% off! Even the CU products! Check it out!

Also I am hosting the Color Challenge this month! Isn't it exiting!? Find more fun challenges here and participate to win gift certificates to redeem in our store (for any products!)

I have a new kit for you too! Remember the sneak peek? So here is the kit! The name was Hipster Soul!

Need some inspiration? Okay, let's see two pages made by the STO CT (they are just fantastic girls! How I wish I could scrap like they do!)

I've to say something about my "CU buyable" products. Due to a LOT of people using these items as "CU OK" and writting to them requesting to remove the products and receive a "NO, NEVER!" as a reply, I've decide to move this products to my store. I moved some last days and I will be moving them. I am sorry for this, and I hope you understand. All of the girls that purchased the unlimited license please contact me to give you a coupon. Please, do it within 2 weeks, no later.
But don't think that this is going to be the end of my awesome freebies. I will continue giving you CU and PU freebies, as long as you stay here with me ;)

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