Young kit coming soon!

I am preparing a new kit for you. You will see it in June! I know it's quite far yet, but I really want to show you a little sneak peek ;) It's going to be one of my June Releases! and lots more then! Haha I hope you like it! As always, guess the name and win it! Leave a comment here or in Facebook. Want more chances? Share this giveaway with your friends in Facebook and Twitter and if your friend guess the name you and your friend will receive this kit for free! Awesome, didn't it? Hurry! Click on the image to enlarge!!


wahoolady said...

Love the peek! I'm not great at guessing names but how about A Boy's Life.
Thanks for the chance!

Christina G said...

I'll guess... Everyday Life!

Karen said...

I'm rubbish at guessing names, but it looks like a cool kit, so it's worth a shot... how about "Modern Generation"?

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