Sorry, I'm back!


I am sorry for the big delay without posting and without news. Trust me I am so sorry. But my mother illness, my moving, and a lot of personal and economical problems makes my life so much harder... But I am back. And I will continue posting scrap freebies, kits and a lot of stuff! I am also working in a new blogger theme so if you find this place a little fresh don't worry ;)

I hope you can escuse my 'silence', but it was the worst time of my life. Thank you for all the coments and all the visits, you are awesome!



Van said...

Nice to see you back after what seems to have been a very stressful time!

BlueCat said...

Hope your life will be less stressfull.

Maria said...

Wellcome back! I hope your life will be better for now on.

Anonymous said...

welcome back! I hope your stressful times are now over!

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