Me at Misses BeeHaven!

Hi! From now, my kits and the stuff that were available until today in the Store tab of my blog, is now at Misses BeeHaven. I decide to do that for 3 reasons:
1.- There is a QC. You can test my free items before you purchase them, but you cannot do the same with the products I offered on the Store tab, so the Quality Check team at Misses BeeHaven is your quality assurance of my products.
2.- Purchasing in a store is easier than here. Also, you can find other items that you want to have.
3.- Their store is so nice! There are also challenges in the forum to earn free stuff, a gallery... So wonderful opportunity!
Please note: my licenses can be only purchased here, at my blog. The services will be also linked to MBH.

And to celebrate my grand opening... I've a great sale for you! 40 % off in all items I've at MBH!! Image is linked to my store, but scroll down to see what wonderful items you can find there!


BlueCat said...

Congrats to the new store!

Dagi said...

congrats on your new store!

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