Guess this kit Winner!

Hi you all! I've a bad new and a good one. The bad notice is that there are no winners in my first Guess this kit and win it.... Here are the replies:
 Good ideas for future kits, but this kit is about... well, let's see the preview, sure you will understand perfectly how it is about with the elements and the kit name ;)
Hey! Do you see this?? What?? The Misses BeeHaven logo! Do you know what does it mean? Yes!! I will be selling my products there soon! Yeaaah!! With a great opening sale and with a lot of products! Do you want to see more products? Wait till Sunday =) This is the good new!!

But don't think you are not a winner... Because I decide to RAK this kit with the participants, so... First step: number each girl:

 And now, just picking a lucky winner...
So the winner of this kit is....
Please, send me an e-mail as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for all participants! More RAKs and Givaways coming so soon!! Good luck next time!

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