Matching photos with your layout palette

Sometimes we got wonderful pics but their color don't match with the kit palette that we want to use. But don't worry, it is not a problem. All you have to do is follow this tutorial to know how to improve your layouts.

1.- Create your layout, don't worry about the pics: place them where you want.

2.- Now, rasterize the image and select it. Go to Image > Adjustment > Color balance...

3.- This is the box that we will see:  Cyan / Red. Magenta / Green. Yellow / Blue.

4.- Now, you have to decide and adjust the color balance. Does your image have more cyan or red? My layout has cyan, so I move the arrow which is in the middle of the bars. Does your image have magenta or green? Mine has few reds, but a lot of lilac, so I pick magenta. Has it yellow or blue? My layout has a lot of blue!

Then just save :) Easy, isn't it? I hope you learned a bit with this tutorial. See you soon girls! Credits about the layout kit and template, here.

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