5 tips to improve your business with freebies

It may sound contradictory, but offering stuff for free is the best way to improve your sales and your business. I have seen a lot of freebies around the scrapping world. Some designers know how to improve their sales with them, but I have seen other designers that will never improve their business with their freebies. Here I give you few tips to make your freebies work!

1.- Your free items are your items. They are all a sample of your work. If you offer a bad extracted items as freebie, then all the potential customers will think that all your items are bad extracted. If you give a wonderful, well shadowed cluster, then your customers will think that you are a great designer and you know a lot about shadowing. Never give and old item that you created tree years ago and never used because you never liked it.

2.- Be generous...
For PU designer you can offer a mini-kit, an add on, a cluster, a quick page, a pre-decorated page, cardstock paper pack... But never offer two buttons coordinated with your last kit. That freebie will not work. You wont have a great number of downloads, so only few people will get a sample of your work.
If you are a CU designer, you can offer a sampler/add on of your last CU pack, no matter if it is only one item, but it is better if the download has at least 3 item. You can pick one add on from your last 3 CU releases and this freebie will work fine.

3.- Offer at least two freebies per month. This way, your potential customer will add your blog URL to their favs, your feed to their RSS reader or even subscribe to your newsletter. Your fans will receive all your info and promos, and this is always great!

4.- If you are giving a sampler, it is fine that you add the full preview, but never add preview for many products. If you do so, your customer will feel confused about that ammount of different previews and if she/he want to purchase your item, will not know what product is. Also, check that you have add your TOU and there are a link to your blog/store.

5.- Pay with a Tweet, Pay with Facebook and Exclusive Fan Downloads are great to earn fans, but don't use them always. A lot of scrappers don't have a Twitter or Facebook account, so they just cannot download our freebies.

I hope this tips were useful for you, I love feedback ;)

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