Emboss Action

Hi! Here is my today's freebie! It is an action (no winners!) I was trying to make a wax stamp action, but I get a emboss action. Open you canvas and create two layers: one for the base and another for the inside item. Run the action and follow the instructions... that's all! Two different  actions! 

- Why are you sharing your stuff for free?
- All my items (but kits) are freebies, and you can purchase a license for some of them to use them for CU. You should think that I have 3 different items: Pay-To-Use kits, freebies and Pay-to-Use-But-Try-Them-For-Free items ;)
Now available on my shop!


BlueCat said...

Beautiful action! Thank you very much.

Patti said...

Thank you for such a FUN action! I can envision using it for a special layout!! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your generosity!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this action...

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!

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