About folder images

Organizating my kits and my designer stash, I have learned two things... It sucks when you have to rename the preview images to "folder" to make your PC show that image as the folder one. And the second thing that I have learned today it's that it is worst when you have to rename about 50 folders!

So, from now, I'll add to any of my downloads two previews. One is the regular named one an the other is the "folder". My Candy Templates are the first one with the two previews. See you tomorrow, with another freebie! What it could be? A template? A quickpage? An alpha? A kit? A tutorial?

Leave a comment here and I the one who guess it will be awared with a CU UNLIMITED LICENSE or a KIT (the winner choice!) HAHAA!


Shuckclod said...

I will say a template. You have none yet....Thank you for the goodies...

BlueCat said...

Thank you very much for all the freebies.
Perhaps a quickpage?

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