Replying to Heidi!

Heidi N. write this to me:
Thank-you!! I have a question for you. I am semi-new to this. I see how you can get the colors you want to the template, but how do you get the icing and strawberry to shine and add the tonal look to the cake and wrapper in your example? Do you use effects,actions,styles, or something else? I know of actions & styles, but have never used styles. I have used one action and it was great. I am larning more about the "standard" effects. Thank-you for any tips you can share.
Thank-you! Those tutorials sound great! I just left a comment on a couple posts down (the cute cupcakes) about how to do some things. I guess with that, how do you use styles with PSE? I would appreciate a tutorial on that, too! Thanks!
Hi Heidi! I have never use Photoshop Elements, but I am going to invesigate a little bit for you :) The shine on the strawberry is a Photoshop Style, not sure if styles can be used on PSE, but I will continue investigating :D

Thank you and thanks for all the comments, I read them all! I hope I can reply to you soon Heidi. See you soon! If someone can help us, don't hesitate and do it! haha


BlueCat said...

All PS styles can be used in PSE.

Heidi N. said...

Thank-you! and Thank-you BlueCat to let us know that PS styles can be used in PSE! I am guessing that you have to load styles that you download - how do you do that? Also, does PSE come with some "standard" styles? Thank-you for the help, styles have been somewhat of a mystery to me.

AĆ­da Scrap said...

Hi Heidi!
I have investigated a little bit. You must put the styles in the Preset / Styles folder, and then run the styles. There are few styles that comes with PSE.

Thank you BlueCat!

Heidi N. said...

Thank-you! I will have to try it out and see what I can do!

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