RAK! Give me an idea!

I will do a rack! I want to create more and more templates but... I don't have enough ideas so...
Give me a template idea and I will RAK you with a CU license for the template pack I create using your idea! KWIM?

Just leave here a comment. I will select the best I ideas and I will turn then into templates. So if I pick your templates you will receive a CU license for your templates! Easy way to win, isn't it?

See you soon!

I will pick ideas september 1st! Remember it should be a template pack (Cupcakes templates, Animals templates) not a single template (Cheese cake template, Cat template). See you soon!


EAL Designs said...

I have some ideas for you Aida, how about Angels, Angel realated (clouds, gates, stairway, musical instruments for the Angels), Fairies, Fairyland (fairy houses,anything fairy related besides the fairies), Wizards, Woodland Elves (both boy & girl ones, not the Christmas type), Dragons, Fairytale related (king, queen, princess, prince, castle, knights)
Hope you like some of the ideas, I have tons more if you need them, lol

Despinaki said...

I love your templates!
What about sea animals, like dolphins (a must), whales, fish, sharks, octopus, jellyfish, seaweed, rocks, mermaids (!), corals, shells.
Another idea is houses and furniture, or cleaning products (mop, bucket, detergents...).

Heidi N. said...

Tools. I have a little builder and would love the full set of tools from the hammer & screwdriver to the bigger drill & saws (of all types sawsall, jigsaw, rotary saw, etc.)

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