Cupcake Templates

I've been on a small holidays, and now I am at home again and... I'm working! Here is your today's freebie, to make a sweet page! 5 unique cupcake templates, which come in PSD, PNG and TIFF. I hope all of you like and use it, remember to read my TOU, see you soon!
Now available at my shop!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesome templates! The cupcakes are super cute!

Heidi N. said...

Thank-you!! I have a question for you. I am semi-new to this. I see how you can get the colors you want to the template, but how do you get the icing and strawberry to shine and add the tonal look to the cake and wrapper in your example? Do you use effects,actions,styles, or something else? I know of actions & styles, but have never used styles. I have used one action and it was great. I am larning more about the "standard" effects. Thank-you for any tips you can share.

Elle de Mai said...

Beautiful templates, thank you!!!

TheOkieToothfairy said...

You're very talented! Thank you!

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