CU designer: avoid grayscale!

This tutorial is to show why you as a CU designer (and even if you are a  PU designer) must avoid grayscale. There just 2 reasons! And they are all easy to fix!

1.- It is easier to recolor items if they are colored. When a designer want to recolor an item, it's so easy to do if the item is in different colors, because it's easy to know where goes each color...
Look at this example. This is a crochet flower that I picked from Rachael's Scrap Store few months ago.

If I want to recolor it, I will know where I have to put each color. I can use a lot of tools to recolor it: using tones, using a brush, change the saturation, select just the color I want to change...  Now, what happens if this item were just gray?...
The flower continues looking great but... There are two colors or just one? Where goes each color? Like you can see it's difficult for a designer to know where goes each color and there are only one way to recolor it if you want more than one color: using a brush. But the brush is not easy, because you really don't know where goes each color... So maybe it's better to leave the whole flower in just one color. Now, do you understand why it's better to leave the elements in they real colors? ;)

2.- Previews looks better and may inspirate your future customer. If you show the customer a dark and sad preview, the will not spend too much time looking it and sure they will not feel inspirated by the item there, look at the example. It's the preview of my Pocket Layout Template, but grayscaled.
It's a nice layout but maybe you don't have a kit that matches this style... Look at the real preview:
Oh... I remember I have a kit with similar color than these template... I think I have a jean texture in my stash that will look great on the pocket!
I know you understand what I mean!

You have more reasons? Tell us! Leave a comment here and help others to learn more!

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Chabliz said...

thanks for the tip. It's true!

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