Wing text paths

Today I feel sooo inspired and I have created these wing text paths, to add you your layouts and design and improve your works. They are so useful. Please, let me show you an example of how you can use them:
Do you like the image? I have used a stock image from Day Dreamers that I have found at Deviant Art. Here is your freebie, please, show how you use them, I am so curious!


Janeil Jones said...

Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

mom2mikbo said...

I am a novice when it comes to the text paths. I LOVE the look and wish I could find where to study how the ways to use it. Would you by any chance have a tutorial on this file that you've so graciously shared with us. The pic is beautiful and the file I'm sure can be used 100 different ways. Thanks for the help I would appreciate it.

AĆ­da Scrap said...

Thank you, I've posted your tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

these are great! thanks!

Cristilina said...

Thanks so much.

Hilda said...

Thank you very much for the wing text paths and double thank you for the tutorial. New at digital scrapbooks. love everything I learn. hugs

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