Facebook Rak *2 winners*

Here I am again! Like the past RAK, first of all I randomize the list using Random.org. We are 26 fans, but I have removed my name, so there are 25 people.
  1. Karen Maggie
  2. Rebecca Riordan
  3. Anna French
  4. Blue Cat
  5. Tiffani Keaton
  6. Tammy Lynn Wood
  7. Chili Olson
  8. Dagi Scrap
  9. Jessica LeBlanc Pilcher
  10. Maaike Amstelveen
  11. Nobie Holley
  12. Marsha Benoit Connell
  13. Amanda Davey
  14. Lisa Eal-Designs
  15. Rachelle Carter Rieske
  16. Cherrie Hays
  17. Alla Sch
  18. Fa Maura
  19. Jackie Keeble
  20. Shayna Berman
  21. Eva Quevedo Ruiz
  22. Caeli Sutton
  23. Amy E. Neil Lanham
  24. Alvaro Jimenez Penelas
  25. Denise Cervantes
Pick attention to your number... Now, I use the number randomizer to discover who is the winner!

Number 12 is... Marsha Benoit Connell. Congrats! You have just win a CU UNLIMITED LICENSE!
But.. why not two winners? I decide to RAK with a CU LICENSE FOR 2 PRODUCTS to...
Number 2, who is... Rebecca Riordan. Congrats!!
Please girls, contact me as soon as you want your license! Thank you all! Sure there will be more raks!

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