5 tips for creating palettes

Hi. I've noticed that sometimes we make the same mistakes when creating color palettes for our kits. 5 of those mistakes are so easy to solve, so I decide to make a little blog about them, so here it is.

1.- Your palette must have between 5 and 8 colors. I usually pick a 6 color palette, but it depends on the kit theme and also your personal opinion. For 4th July kits, the palette could be 5 colors, but for a Spring kit, you maybe want to use up to 8 colors.
2.- Add at least one neutral color, to make a basic cardboard paper...
This is usefull for beginners scrappers, that don't want to challenge herself in their very first layouts.
3.- The palette is better if the colors are bright, avoid grey-look colors, but never pick eye-killer tones!
4.- At least one of the color may have a dark version. It's helpful to create elements in the same color but in a darker tone.
5.- Name the colors using the Hex (hexadecimal) color code. To know what color is it, open the Color Picker in Photoshop and at the verry bottom you will find the code, preceding by a #. If you save the palette in a bad configuration, you will loose the colors, but if you know the hex number, you can get the colors again!
Thats all! Did you like it? If so please tell me! I hope it helps you. See you on June ;)


suruha said...

Thank you! This is very helpful! You have such interesting tips and article topics.
Thank you!

Jacquie said...

This was very helpful! I have the hardest time picking the colors I want to use because they never seem to look right...now I know that I was picking eye-killer colors! Thank you so much!

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