Tutorial: How to make papers

This is a tutorial about how to create papers. Well, this is the way I create papers sure there are more ways to obtain a different or even best papers, but this is a great way, promised! Remember: click on the images to zoom.

First of all, we have to open a full size canvas, you know: 3600 x 3600 pixels and 300 dpi.

Open your palette (if you have one)...
This is an optional step, just if you are creating your papers with the palette, if not just ignore this step. Use this colors to create your papers.

Design your paper, using the color picker in your palete and using the colors on the paper canvas to design it. You can use overlays, edges, brushes... What ever, but don't add the texture yet. When you think your paper is ready to be texturized, read the next step.

Select all the layers on the layers pannel and right-click and pick "Merge Layers". After this step you can't change the design so you should save your work before merge the layers.

Now, place your texture (File > Place...). Be sure the texture is high quality, to avoid blurriness and missing pixels. If it is not black and white, go to Image > Adjustment > Black and White and turn your texture into a B&W one. Try to adjust the settings to create a clear texture, dark textures are not our friends! The texture I used is one from the pack Creased v1 of geniaBeana Scraps, I purchased it few months ago at ScapMatters.

Now, duplicate the layer. Right-click on the texture and pick "Duplicate layer". In the next steps we will change the blending modes of the original and the copy.

Select the texture (not the copy) and change the blending mode (appears at the left of "Opacity") to "Linear Burn".

Now, change the opacity to 60-70. I usually pick 60%, so we will pick that value.

Now select the copy. Change the blending mode to "Soft Light". Do not change the opacity of this layer.

If the texture is a ligth one, your paper is ready to go and you can save it. But, if it's darker, we have to do an extra step. So, right now, we have a dark and ugly paper like that...

Select and merge all the layers, the same steps we did at the beginning.

Now we are goint to edit the image curves, go to Image > Adjustment > Curves... The Curves Pannel will be opened.

Now se the square. There is a line across it. Move the line a little bit like the arrow shows. Important: move it from the centre, like the arrow, not from the corners.

If you want it lighter, move the line again. Just if you want a ligther paper, if not, skip this step.

Move the line more or less depending on your personal opinion and the kit theme. Whatever, pay atention at the next step.

Move the upper corner point almost one quarter of the square, like the arrow shows. This will create a paper more bright. Now click "Ok" and save your paper, becuase it's ready!

This is a comparison of the paper in different steps, what do you think about?
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, feel free to comment and share your experience on designing papers, I love sweet comments!


Deborah said...

Thank you so much for this easy to understand Paper Tutorial. I have been looking for one for a long time that is easy to understand. You have a fantastic site and once again Thank You for being so generous and sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Deborah, Love your site and have it marked to come back to often. The tutorial is easy to follow which I need at my age! Just learning about letters now can add this to my learning. Thanks! Geri

kokotte said...

Thanks a lot for this great tutorial!

Martha Hernandez said...

Thanks Aida Great tutorial!!! Muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

Awesome tut and enjoyed following along.. Many Thanks to you for shanghai so much with us.. ~:) LjM

estirpe883 said...



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